#WeHateMath Renaissance Mathematicus – A Blog Review

Via Blog on Math Blogs, I was led to The Renaissance Mathematicus, a blog about the history of science and, by extension, math. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Math, Science AND History??? I must immediately stop reading this post and rush over there right now!”

I can appreciate your excitement.

Okay, all snark aside, this is a really good blog. Thony Christie tells the stories of the people we think we know and explodes the myths of science and math that we’re taught in school. It’s a great look at very human stories, mainly from a time (the Renaissance) when the lines between Art, Science and Math were quite a bit blurrier than they are now.

Today’s post  is about Hans Sloane, someone who should be better known than he currently is. (Seeing as they named a square in London after him.) So go check it out and spend some time getting to know our shared stories.




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